Interior Designers Guide to a Smart Home  

Smart Homes are the new gold taps! It’s what the discerning home owner demands. 

As an Interior Designer, you should recommend your preferred supplier to work with, so that it is well planned and executed – all technology hidden as to not interfere with your interior design plan.

Home automation allows your client to:

Control lights, blinds & curtains, security systems, entertainment systems and climate through smart phones, touch screens, remote controls, keypads and voice command.

Automate on a schedule / through sensors like curtains opening at 6am daily, or lights activating when motion sensors are triggered.

Here’s 3 Steps for you as an Interior Designer to simplify getting a Smart Home professional on board that will fit in with the designs you have curated!


1. Get a Smart Home Professional

For a professional designed smart home you will need a smart home pro as one of your service providers. Now is a good time to establish a good relationship with a smart home pro. The right time to enlist the help of your smart home pro is at least before building starts or ideally before the plans are finalised. The need for smart homes are growing and if you are not including that in your offering, your competition will, and your designs will seem dated.

If you are in Gauteng you can contact SilverStax Smart Homes

and in Cape Town: Simpletech


2. Book an assessment

You will need an assessment done before you can get a quote. Book you client for an assessment with your smart home pro to assess the home technology requirements. Your smart home pro will follow up with a quote.


3. Design of the smart home

Get your smart home pro to draw the layout onto the electrical plan according to you clients’ needs and to fit in with you interior design.

Good to know:

According to statistics a professionally installed smart home normally cost five times more than your client expects.

For a larger installation, a server room will be needed for a server rack, to house all the equipment.

Your smart home pro will handle the WiFi and home network needed for the smart home.

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