One smart app to control your whole home

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Everyone has got an app now a days, but what you really need is one app to control it all

The Control4 Smart App can do it all. A smart home control system sits at the center of an intelligent home and acts as a gateway between all of the technology in the property and the homeowner. Often this will manifest itself in the form of switches, remotes, touchscreens and a tablet or phone app, each offering much more functionality than a single system app or switch will be able to perform

One App to rule them all

Essentially, it’s a matter of numbers: the more systems you need to control, the more useful it becomes to be able to handle them through a single interface. Typically, a home control system will manage, command and regulate a whole host of systems including (but not limited to) lighting, video, audio, TV, alarm, heating, curtains or blinds, CCTV and other monitoring devices

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