best whole home Wi-Fi

Best Whole Home Wi-Fi

So you have fast internet but it does not reach the whole home

Our mesh routers will give you whole home Wi-Fi 

We supply and install Whole Home Wi-Fi with parental control in Sandton Gauteng

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We supply & install the best whole home Wi-Fi in Gauteng

Best Features of our Whole Home Wi-Fi

Use Existing Fibre/LTE

One Wi-Fi password

Roam between rooms

Wi-Fi mesh systems have changed the way Wi-Fi looks & feels since they hit the scenes a few years ago. You now have smaller more attractive looking devices called nodes that is designed to be displayed. They can be place  around the home, instead of an unsightly router. 

The best feature of a mesh systems is that they come with free mobiles apps that is user friendly & is easy to manage the network using a phone or tablet. 

Our mesh Wi-Fi includes robust parental control. All of the nodes use a single Wi-Fi name & password. Therefor you can move from room to room without having to log-in to an extender or seperate acess point 

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If you're looking to ditch your traditional router-extender setup for a whole-home Wi-Fi system give us a call (Gauteng only)

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